How to calculate working hours

Hello, I am a female human resources employee in her 30s. Today I will briefly explain how to calculate working hours.

1. Calculate total working hours

  • Record start time and end time accurately.
  • Calculate total working hours by subtracting start time from end time.

2. Excluding break time

  • Lunch time and break time are excluded from total working hours.
  • For example, if the lunch break is 1 hour, 1 hour is subtracted from the total working hours.

3. Overtime calculation

  • If regular working hours are exceeded, overtime hours are calculated separately.
  • Most companies consider any time spent beyond regular working hours to be overtime.

4. Application of flexible work system

  • In the case of companies implementing a flexible work system, individual working hours must be calculated separately.
  • Working hours are calculated based on each employee’s commuting time.

5. System usage

  • Most companies use electronic time management systems.
  • This system allows you to automatically calculate and manage working hours.

This concludes a brief explanation of how working hours are calculated. thank you!


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